About us

Hello everyone,

We are Desmitskes (Dutch dialect for “the Smits family”).
Mr., Mrs. and 4 Smitskids. 
A little family that wasn’t happy in their lives anymore and decided to change everything for the better. And so we did…
The one thing we missed the most in the last years is freedom. Freedom to go where you want, freedom to do what you want, freedom to be who you are and want to be. That’s what we are fighting for now. Freedom.
So we sold our house last July and want to go traveling full-time with our kids from now on. Go with the flow, go wherever the wind leads us to. 

This website will be our travel diary. A place to gather our travel adventures, share our way of living and show you that it’s possible to live your dreams. We have no idea where we will go to, no idea what adventures will come our way. But we can’t wait to start living the life we dreamed of for so long. 

Lots of Love!

Hugo, Katia, Troia, Atlanta, Pelagia and Aeneas
Desmitskes/The Smits Family

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