Blogtober: an excuse to start blogging again

Blogtober: an excuse to start blogging again

For the last few weeks, I have been thinking about starting to blog again on this weblog. So many things have happened since the last time I wrote a blog and gave it all up. I also want to use our blog for the better and to actually spread knowledge and positivity in the world. It’s a long time coming, but it’s time to blog again. Blogtober is the jump that I needed.

Doing it all wrong in the past

Blogtober, an excuse to start blogging again

The reason why this blog never got off its feet is not a secret. It’s also not a surprise. That’s what happens when you blog for all the wrong reasons. This blog started out as a way to finance our family. But that’s not why you should blog in the first place. A better reason to blog is out of your heart, because you want to spread love, positivity and your knowledge about things.

When you write for yourself, you do it all wrong. Writing for others, because you have things to share is a much better solution. Now that our lives are finally coming together and there’s an income to fall back on, this website can go live its merry life and become what it was meant to be. Blogtober gives me a new start.

Writing through the past few months

The funny thing is that I have been blogging A LOT these past few months. It’s something I’m good at, I can no longer escape from it or be too critical of myself anymore. I’m meant to write since I was just a small child. Writing is my past, present and future. I’m a writer.

Writing in the past few months

The articles I have been writing are none of my own, but all published on other websites. A lot of other websites. A few months ago, I started a professional writing business and it has been successful ever since. It’s the first endeavour in my life that truly took off and grew big in only a short amount of time. It’s like the Universe never allowed me to do anything else, because this is what I should be doing.

Since the start of my business I grew more than I ever grew before. And I’m still growing, as a writer, as a person. My days are filled with writing, writing and more writing. From early morning until midnight I’m behind my computer to write everything that comes on my path. Writing the world, one word at a time.

I’m grateful for the clients that came to me and decided to stay, I’m grateful for those that came and left again. There are clients that need only a few hours of my time, there are clients that take most of the week. Every single one of them has been amazing from the start and I’m a lucky woman to have this all happening around me.

But now it’s time to blog for our own website again. And Blogtober is going to make it happen.

Blogtober, a huge writing challenge

Blogtober, a blog challenge

Blogtober is a challenge within the blog world. The meaning of Blogtober is to write a blogpost every single day of this month.

I have to admit that I never succeeded in a commitment towards me. I love pleasing other people, but when it comes to something I want to do for myself, I always flake out. This will most probably be one of those things, but you never know… maybe I surprise myself and actually make it happen.

You’ll have to admit, Blogtober the most amazing excuse to actually start blogging again. So let’s try. Every day a blogpost… which I actually already failed, because today it’s October 2nd.

Proof that it’s time to start again…

The fact that I have written this post in only 10 minutes time and that it’s perfect from the very first draft is proof to me that it’s time. I have so many ideas that I want to do with this website, so many things to write…

Let’s do this Blogtober thing!

Let's do this!

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