Embracing Your Highsensitivity

Embracing Your Highsensitivity

We did a video/article with our oldest daughter a few weeks ago, in which she talked about being the oldest child.
This time, our 2nd daughter had her turn, loving the idea of recording her own video.
But everyone who watched the video can see clearly that Atlanta is not a talker.
In fact, she is a very highsensitive child. And being in front of a camera makes her shy and introverted.

Don’t worry… no Atlanta’s were harmed during the making of the video. And she and I sat together while re-watching and editing our creation. Publishing the video was not forced upon her, it was her choice to do it, as she was very proud of herself that she actually was able to film it.
She sat next to me, when we uploaded it and it was her that pushed the last button to actually publish it online.

But yes, our sweet Atlanta is the most sensitive and introverted one of our little family.
She was born that way and she is great the way she is, no need for her to change that.
11 years ago, at 35 weeks and 6 days pregnancy, my water suddenly broke. That same day, we had a very little girl in our arms. A month earlier than we expected, our lives turned upside down. And we were nowhere near ready for her. The first days went by in a ruse… I remember nursing a 1 day old baby and wondering why I didn’t feel the baby in my belly kick yet. It took us some time to adapt.
But it took her even more time to adapt. She was not only a cry-baby, she was also very very sensitive. She literally lived in a babywrap around my body for the first 10 months of her life. Day and night. Her grandfather still talks about that one moment, a few months after her birth, where he tried to watch inside the babywrap. 2 angry looking eyes looked back at him and a little hand grabbed the seam of the babywrap and pulled it completely over her head.
Funny memories!

She was also very sick, the first 19 months of her life. Ear inflammation after ear inflammation. She was very sensitive to any kind of bacteria invading her little body.
That’s the same reason that we couldn’t use diapers on her. We tried both store-bought diapers and cotton diapers, but the blood dripped down her little body. Because of her we found out about Elimination Communication.
Her skin was the most sensitive of all. We couldn’t use soap on her. Even her clothes had to be washed with wash-nuts instead of detergents. And afterwards they needed an entire washing-cycle of only water to rince out the residues. Otherwise she would have gotten rashes or even open wounds on her body somewhere.
Oh, the times!!
I often wonder how we survived that period…

Over the years, she grew out of most allergic skin reactions. Pfew!
But the more her physical sensitivity disappeared, the more her mental sensitivity grew.
Sending her to school at 3 years old (the “normal” age here in Belgium is even younger, at 2,5yo) only made it worse. While she really wanted to go and was very enthousiastic about joining her big sister there, the moment she actually started going didn’t do her any good.
She even developed a severe form of asthma. It took us way too long to figure out that the stress of going to school caused the asthma, but once we did, she never went back. The asthma stopped almost immediately. 3 weeks later, she was already medicine-free.
Since then, she grew herself into the amazing young woman she is today. She became stronger both physically and mentally. At her own pace, she discovered life and mastered in it.

The best thing of all is the way she embraced her highsensitivity. Instead of seeing it as a curse, she has always threated it as a blessing. She loves her sensitive side. According to her, it makes her stronger in feeling other people and knowing how to help them. But she’s also very creative. She loves to cook and makes the most amazing dishes using her hightened tastebuds, sense of smell and her seeing more colors than non-highsensitive people. She combines tastes that another person would never think about combining. But still, her creations taste wonderful.

She’s a real example to both my husband and me. In our little family, we all are highsensitive, but Atlanta is the most sensitive of us all. The way she embraces it and uses it to her advantage is a big example to a lot of higsensitive people.

She’s an amazing girl and we’re proud to be her parents.
It doesn’t matter that she is shy on camera. The most important is the way she lives her life. Supported by her family, she doesn’t give herself limits. She enjoys her life to the fullest.
Something we can only dream about ourselves!

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