Fear and Fearless: Belgian Healthcare and Dentist Appointments

Fear and Fearless: Belgian Healthcare and Dentist Appointments


(Video and article are related, but never completely the same!)

In Belgium, you have this forced healthcare thing. A publicly-funded healthcare run by the government and forced on everyone. You have no choice in this matter, you are forced to have it.

On the one hand, this is a good thing to have, as it covers almost all basic healthcare costs. Going to a regular doctor or dentist is covered almost completely, making healthcare available for almost everyone.
On the other hand, anything that is forced upon people can never be 100% good. A government should never stand above their people, forcing things upon us is never okay.
They also often don’t cover alternative treatments. Even a simple thing as a chiropractor or osteopath is not completely covered. This makes this system a way to make people walk in line… only those that follow the mainstream path are rewarded for it.

Regular healthcare might be cheap, but you still pay a high price: your freedom.
With this forced healthcare system, they force you into medical craziness.
They don’t reward alternative treatments (= real treatments… mainstream medicine doesn’t work, alternative medicine does), but also forces you into that what is called mainstream.
You don’t want to give your child Ritalin, while your doctor prescribed it and the school wants you to give it to your child? Guess what they take away first…
That what is supposed to be a system that helps people, became a way of threatening them with everything they can come up with.
You want to accept governmental help? You have to listen to what they say…
The thing is… you don’t even have a choice wether or not you want to accept their help. You are forced into it. You can’t choose if you want to fall under that healthcare system. You have to.

So, for years we didn’t have a choice in this. And we would be lying if we said that for poor people it’s not a good solution when it comes to healthcare. We were poor for years and made use of it too. Not as much as other people, as we haven’t visited a regular doctor for 5 years now, but go to alternative ones instead… but still. We still used it to go to the dentist or when we were admitted into an hospital.

And now, we have this completely new life, not bounded by an address anymore. No address means no forced healthcare.
And that is scary and exciting at the same time!
Scary, because we now have to pay everything ourselves (and here in Belgium, we are not used to that) and we are still poor as hell, so those extra costs do make a difference. And exciting because we are free. No one that forces anything upon us and nothing that they can hold over our heads anymore.

In this video, we actually went to the dentist for the first time without funded healthcare.
It was a big deal to us, but also a great way to practice some more video-editing šŸ˜‰

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