Fears and why we need to work through them

Fears and why we need to work through them

We decided on a location!
After months (and even years) of trusting that the Universe will give us signs about the path we have to follow, we finally have an idea for a location! And it came just the way we expected it would. It’s just there. The path of least resistance.
We are not sure if we want to share it yet, because we have changed our minds so many times now. But this feels different. This we didn’t choose ourselves, this was given. I’m curious to see if we can get it done, paperwise. But if this really is our path, everything will be just fine.

This new and first traveling location brings a lot of emotions. One of the biggest ones at this moment is fear. We realized that just like most other people, living in a house is safe. The society we live in creates a certain way of living. Everyone the same. Waking up, go to work/school, eat, drink, bring the kids to bed, enjoy some adult-time and go to sleep. There’s no challenge in “normal” life. We have this society that tells you what to do and most people just do it. The moment you step out of that normal life, there’s a big adventure in front of you. There’s no society anymore to tell you what to do. You decide every step you make. You also have to think about every step you make. Especially when you have kids that you are responsible for. There’s no society having your back anymore, as society fears that what is different.

That’s also the attitude we grew up in. That what is different is to be feared. And even though we wished that breaking free out of the daily pattern we were used to would give us this newfound free attitude about everything, it doesn’t work that way. We fear what is different. That’s what we are used to.

But, searching for freedom also means that you rid yourself of status quo thinking patterns. It’s going to be a long road, but we are going down the heal-yourself-from-fear-for-the-unknown path!
Fear is not stopping us anymore.
Being completely fearless is a myth. Everybody is afraid of something. But fear for the unknown will be dealt with.

In our case… we want to travel to a place that’s the entire opposite than what we are used to here in Belgium. Here, there is no extreme weather. Here, there are no dangerous animals. Here, there is no danger in drinking water (except for the fluoride they put in our tap water to keep us sick).
Where we go to, all those things are real. There is a real chance that hurricanes cross our path or that earthquakes are hitting the area we’re in. There is a big chance that poisonous snakes will cross our path or that one of the biggest spiders that we will ever seen finds a place to sleep in our bedroom.
But the more we think about it, the more we enjoy this part of our path. Yes, those fears are real. Yes, they are frightening. But they are also exciting. We are free and we can go wherever we want to go. And so many people before us did the same thing. Why would our journey be anything else?

Fear is a part of breaking out, fear is a part of searching for freedom. It’s okay to be afraid for new things. As long as we don’t let them lead us, we can continue this search for true freedom.

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