First Period

First Period


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Teaching your daughters how amazing their body is, is one of the most important tasks of a mother.
In a society where female bodies are the center of all male negativity, it is a real task to teach your girls that their bodies are sacred and to be honored at all times.

A female body is what gives life on this planet, which is the most beautiful thing around. It’s a magical, holy thing that goes beyond anything we can ever understand.
Your monthly cycle is something to be worshipped, as it holds more power than anything else.

Sadly, in our world, we dread menstruations. It became long ago a negative thing… long ago, as in: the time where men decided they were worth more than women. Because that is exactly what is behing the hate toward menstruation. In the last centuries, girls grow up with the idea that menstruating is a burden. The blood is filthy, our body is hurting and it makes us weak.
Even I grew up with that idea… you almost can’t escape from it: it’s the message that you see in movies, that you hear on the schoolground and that is thought in educational lessons. Menstruating is a weakness, which is another reason why women ar weak.

Nonsense of course. We are not weak. And menstruating isn’t being weak either.
That’s a made-up idea, created to keep women smaller than their male peers. We live in a patriarchal world, which is also the reason why menstruating is called being weak.
It’s a powerful thing and a sign of femininity. And that is something our world is afraid of: pure, blissful femininity. Women are incredibly powerful creatures and a big threat to the male powerseeking population. They are so afraid of femininity that they do everything in their power to create a false sense of female weakness. Men want to be the strong gender and can’t stand the idea that women might be their equals. So, a long time ago, they started to make everything female a weak thing, to cloud our minds. And the mindblur behing menstruation is nothing less than that. We are thaught that menstruating is a weak burden, so we would actually believe that we are weak.
Today, this idea is so imbedded in our society, that it became a normalcy. Periods are to be hated and that’s it.

Of course… the last time that I believed something just because I was thaught that way, is a long time ago ­čśë I love to think for myself, see the things as they are and not the image around them.
For some time now, I left the idea of hating my period behind and exchanged it for a more soft version: I LOVE MY PERIOD!
I love the power that it has, the fertility that it brings. The sign that I am cycling and that my body works the way nature intended it to work. I love the bright red color of the blood, the idea that my body is cleansing itself every month. I love how I can nourish myself with good foods (fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds) and see the result of that during my menstruation, or the other way around. I love to know that bad foods makes my periods painful and hard. I love the power that I have to change the way I experience my menstruation. And most of all, I love how my periods are a sign that my body is able to bare children.

That love is what I wanted to gift to my daughters. And I succeeded!
My oldest daughter had her first period and showed the same love as I exampled for many years now. She accepted that her body needed rest and nourishment and she loved the idea that she became a woman. She loved it all and found it very special to join me in this.
I’m so glad my efforts paid off. I was able to grow love in my daughters mind, while living in a negative world. And that feels so good. I now have a daughter that doesn’t hate the natural ways of her body, but thinks it’s a special thing. For once, I felt like the best mom on earth… it’s that beautiful when you see your child love instead of hate.


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