Inspiration: when intuition takes over

Inspiration: when intuition takes over

11:41 PM – Sunday
It’s almost midnight. Only 19 minutes to go before the new day starts. I just stopped working, writing of course, which I have been doing since this morning. On a Sunday. My husband is sitting next to me, thinking he is funny with his stupid dad-jokes that he also uses on me. 2 minutes into this blogpost and I have still no idea what I want to talk about. My inspiration is literally used up for today, after writing more articles than I have ever written in one sitting. It was a good day, but I have nothing left in me. I’m overly tired and actually want to go to sleep now, but I made this promise to myself that I would succeed in this Blogtober thing. So here I am, sitting in the same position as I have been sitting the entire day, my back hurting, my husband annoying the hell out of me, trying to write an article without knowing what I want to write about.

Inspiration can go blanc sometimes

Sometimes, there are moments that your inspiration just doesn’t want to come out and play. For a writer this is a true dramatic turn of events and it can ruin your entire day when it’s “one of those days”. I was pretty lucky today, because the articles just flew out of my fingers without hesitation, it’s only now that I’m clueless because of being so extremely tired, both physically and mentally.

But even for the most intuitive writers, inspiration can go completely blanc sometimes. We’re only human after all.

When intuition takes over

Did you know that you don’t always need inspiration? Sometimes you can just start typing and see what happens. I have written my most beautiful pieces like that. No single idea to follow, just go with the flow. Fingers on the keyboard and typing whatever comes in your mind. No path to follow, no idea where it will go, but just trust that the end result will be magnificent.

Just like I’m doing now. My fingers are typing, my eyes are half asleep, my husband is making strange noises next to me without me really hearing them, I’m almost laying down on the couch, because I’m too tired to sit up, but there’s an entire text of more than 400 words on my white piece of digital paper already. My intuition took over.

Where to get inspiration when there’s none

Even though I just explained that you don’t always need inspiration to create the most beautiful things and it’s ok for intuition to take over, not every moment is suitable to go inspiration-free. Imagine me writing articles like this for my clients. I don’t think they would like that. So where can you get inspiration when it doesn’t seem to come immediately?

Daily Life

My favourite place to find inspiration is daily life. Just look around you and see what comes on your path. I’m a true believer in something called the Universe that puzzles our individual lives into one big puzzle. Yesterday, for example, I had one of those beautiful moments. A company in birth posters asked me to write an article for them. They provided me with a few ideas, but gave me carte blanche for the end result. They obviously asked other bloggers to write for them too, because by the time it was their turn in my schedule, their blog already had articles with the subjects they gave me as examples. Finding inspiration for another article on their product took me a few minutes, but just like every amazing “ask and you’ll receive”-moment it just came to me.

Yesterday was the day that we remembered Maya*, so I found myself writing an article about how nice it would be to use those birth posters as a remembering symbol for the children that weren’t meant to be. It became a beautiful article, completely different from all the other articles they already had on their website and from the deepest of my heart. It was right.

People around you

Another beautiful source of inspiration can be the people around you. Sometimes they come with the most amazing stories, that you just have to write about them. Like the article I wrote a few weeks ago about Kleefstra Syndrome, because one of my sweet online friends inspired me to write about it. Ok, she actually asked me to write that one, but questions are inspiration too!

Online activity

My biggest source of inspiration is probably my activity online. You have no idea what a huge source of information the internet is. Just start clicking around and there’s always something that will cross your path. Again: I believe in a “Universal something” that brings you the right things at the right moment, so I just trust that the right website will cross my sight. And they almost always do. When no inspiration hits, I just go mindless clicking through the most silly websites until I get this feeling of “That’s it, that’s what I need to write about!”

My children

The love of a mother goes mighty deep. My children have always been my biggest source of inspiration. One way or another, I’m so interconnected with them, that our paths often cross. And that’s an understatement. All it takes is a silly joke or a crazy sneeze from one of them to inspire an entire article.

Writing a 1000 words article without inspiration

So now we are here. It’s 17 minutes after midnight, so I’m officially too late for this article to publish on Sunday, but who cares? I have to admit, without any inspiration, I didn’t do too bad. The article even passes my own critical mind, so I’m really going to publish it. Not that I have any other choice, because starting to write another article now would be crazy. Man, I’m going to feel this tomorrow, when I have to get up early for a business call.

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