It’s time to GO!!!

It’s time to GO!!!

If we weren’t convinced yet that it’s time to leave the forest, we are certain now. The forest is failing on us.

We have problems with our water suply. Here in the forest we have ground water that gets pumped up by a small water pump. Now the water pit is empty.
Belgium has not had too much rain this year. So now the water pit is empty.
We are cut out of our water suply. Which means no water to do dishes, to wash ourselves or for the washing machine. The lather is not a bad thing of course, there are washing salons in the village to wash our clothes.
But even the toilet can not be used anymore, making us have to go back to basics.

We don’t mind though. We love this back to basics life and we’ll get through it without a worry.
We have a lot of 10 liter bottles that we fill up with water when we visit people and that we use to do dishes and washing ourselves. And we currently use bottled water to cook.
There are no real problems coming our way in this department, but we do see it as a sign…

It’s time to go!
It’s time to clean up the forest and go.

Wow! It’s really happening.
After selling the house, we came to the forest. But we know it here, we are coming here for the past 13 years as a family. So it’s not really a traveling life. It was a good place to gain strength and start our new lives in a calm way.
And now the Universe gave us the biggest sign possible. It’s time!

Lets do this! Lets clean up the place and go for it!

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