And our journey continues about letting go and finding solutions

And our journey continues about letting go and finding solutions

Letting go was the lesson to learn…
It has been our lesson for a long time now. Coming back at unsuspected moments, mostly combined with a physical way of showing us that “it’s back, baby”. And other times sneaking up on us in the most mysterious ways.
But every time you think you learned it and are so proud of yourself for completing it, the lesson gets upped a notch.
This week was nothing different.

But after we let our latest problem fly freely around us and trusted that the solution would come to us when the time was right, we obviously learned the next level of the “let it go”-lesson and multiple solutions came our way. People who saw our last video contacted us with more solutions than we could ever hope for. And when a night passed, one of the men we talked to at the cityhall contacted us with the best solution of all. He had spoken to someone at the Ministry of Home Affairs and they knew exactly what to do.

When we subscribe ourselves to a Belgian Consulate outside of Europe, we don’t need an address. All Belgian Consulates will be our “address” from then on. That will give us the opportunity to contact each and every Belgian Consulate worldwide when we need to renew our passports or have problems of another kind. Exactly what we need!

Homeschooling would still fall under Belgian laws, but when I called the right person in the government about this, they told me that only children with an address inside Belgium get checked up on.
This way we can school them the way we want. We could go look for an online quality school of our choices, we can homeschool them with our own materials, we can unschool them… the path in front of us is open. We can actually look for what is best for our children.

We are flabbergasted. Going from full-on panic mode (which is needed for me to clear my head… panic makes me grab every chaos inside my head and throw it overboard once and for all) to the best solution we could ever hope for overnight. This is amazing. We finally found the freedom that we looked for for so many years.
We did it!

And now it’s time to go clean up our place in the forest, pack a small amount of belongings and finally go to the sun.
It has been raining here in the forest for a few days now, making it wet and cold at once. Winters always bring our moods down. It’s too dark for us to keep our spirits up.
So it’s time to go. The moment that the weather is starting to cool down is our cue. It’s packing time!

Sun… watch out! Desmitskes our coming your way!

Once again… we’re very grateful that the Universe has got our backs. We don’t always understand the lessons thrown our way right away, but once we let go and stop fighting it, things are working out in wonderful ways. It’s a magical thing to see the red haring in everything. To see the thing that connects everything around you.
And when you eventually get through the challenge you are facing, you feel so overwhelmingly satisfied. Fulfilled. It’s one of the most beautiful feelings.
We are on the right path for us. It’s time for the next challenge now.

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