Supporting Your Loved-Ones

Supporting Your Loved-Ones

One of the things we value the most is supporting the people that are close to us, supporting your loved-ones, in the things that they care for. Even though our lives are completely different and some things they do might not always interest us by nature, they become important because it’s a part of them. And we respect the hell out of that…

Creative Family

Hugo is born in a very creative family. Photographers, painters, creative inventors, illustrators… you name it. They had it all.
And still… his father and brother are very creative in their daily life. Hugo’s brother, Peter, is a painter and sells his paintings for a living. It’s amazing to see what he creates and to see him grow in this. And Hugo’s father loves to craft new things and invent new crafts. It’s awesome to see him try new things and create art that you have never seen before.
It’s always nice to see what they are doing when we are visiting them.

Painting made by Hugo Smits.

Which also means that every year, when we can make it, we visit them when they have an art exhibition somewhere. Not because we love exhibitions so much (way too many people there! 😉 ), but because we support what they do and love the things that make them happy.

Respect and Support Your Peers

That’s what we want to teach our children too. It’s an important guideline for us.
Respect your peers and show support for what they do in their life. Even when you aren’t interested in it yourself, they are still your close friends or family and they deserve all respect.
We love how our kids think it’s only normal to go watch their loved ones at their shows. They really look forward to it and are counting down the days before we can go. They even developed interests for what is out their in the exhibitions and they created each their own style and knowing of what they actually like or dislike. It’s great to see how they go watch all the paintings and other art with the eyes of know-it-alls 😉 and have their own opinions about each art piece. Their interest were sparked by showing support to the people they love, but grow over time in this area.
Even better: in the last years our children submitted art pieces from themselves for one of the exhibitions. Pelagia being our artsy girl finds this a great opportunity to learn and experience.

Painting made by Pelagia Smits, (with some help of her grandfather, Hugo Smits).

Raising Open-minded Children

We notice that this way of showing support opens our lives to a lot of new things and places. Places we would have never thought of visiting, but because we want to be present for our loved ones we can discover those new worlds. It makes our kids even more open-minded and respectful towards other people and things than they already were. We teach them to accept everyone and everything around them, even when they don’t agree with it. Theirs a difference between not agreeing with something and showing respect. You can never want to do something yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you can judge or disrespect it.

For us, that’s one of the most important lessons we can ever learn our children. Respect other people the way you want to be respected and show interest in the people close to you. Because they are special and they deserve your attention.

(Pictures of the paintings were sent to me by the painters themselves… I’d rather show off some of their original work than looking for stockphotos online 😉 Thank you, Peter, Hugo and Pelagia Smits!
Like what you see? Contact us at to get in touch with them!)

Happy Birthday!

Also featured in the same video: Pelagia’s filming debut! I needed to use a stabilizing filter, of course 😉 but she did an amazing job!
She filmed the birthdayparty of my goddaughter, Eliska!

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