The absurdity that is Belgium

The absurdity that is Belgium

We didn’t think it was possible. But for a moment we didn’t like our country very much.

We went to city hall, hoping to finally finalize the papers that we need when we go travel full-time. They told us that Belgium doesn’t support something like that. You need an address somewhere. But if you have an address you have all the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house or apartment. We don’t want that. We don’t want more costs coming our way than the ones we have and we don’t have to come back to Belgium every few weeks or months just when they say we have to come back. That’s not freedom.

Another solution would be a reference address. Which actually means that you put your address with people who have contact with you. So whenever the government needs to find you, there is someone that can get in touch with you.
Now they told us (and this information is hard to find online… we are no computer nitwits, but information about this is not easy to find) that a reference address is only for people who live in a mobile home in Belgium. So not usable for people who travel the world.

We asked for another solution, but there is nothing to find so far.
So here we are, without a house, in a country that just doesn’t want to let you go.
We already knew that this country is very controlling towards its people, but this new information left us without words.

We were bullied by this country for years now. They changed every law that gives you an inch of freedom. Their new homeschooling laws are absurd, asking you to play school at home (which is just not a good way of education for some kids) and giving you zero choices anymore. And the moment we want to run away from that, because we really don’t believe in the same things than they do, they keep us locked up, because their laws have no solution for people wanting to traveling abroad full-time.

We’re at a roadblock right now. But like always… 1 step back gives 3 steps forward. We have to believe that it will be like that in this case too.
We need to find another solution.

Back to the drawingboards!!
Searching for even more information and believing that the right path is still in front of us!

But for now… you know that feeling where you just want to shut everything out for a few moments?
We just want to curl up under a blanket and hide from life for the rest of the day.
Or maybe this is another lesson in letting it go. We should just let it go and trust that everything will fall into place. Just like it started doing once we were on the right track.

Life sure has a way of grabbing you by the shoulders and shake the nonsense out of you…
Thank you Universe for the lessons you want us to learn. But please… do it in another way next time? We would be even more thankful then.

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