Trigger Warning!

Trigger Warning!

Confrontation is never easy.
Confrontation with peers is even less easy.
Confrontation with peers that don’t want to respect you, is the worst of all.

Odd One Out

But when you are an odd one out, that’s exactly what you get. More often than you want, you come across people who bully you for who you are. And while you don’t ask them to agree with you or to follow your lead, they also disrespect you and get mad when you don’t change your mind when they say you have to.

It happened to us a lot over the years, but the worst ones are those that were once close to us.
Those that you spend years of your life with, but still don’t accept you for who you are.
Those that act like negative vampires, trying to suck all the energy out of you.
They hope that they can change you and make you into someone they think you should be.

Those people are real life triggers. Knowing they are going to cross your path makes you prepare in ways you are not used too. Even the strongest Odd One INs get caught in their webs sometimes.


Sometimes even the strongest people get triggered.
Triggered by their past, triggered by their peers, triggered by themselves…
It doesn’t make them less strong, it makes them human.

Not being accepted by the people closest to you, can be a big trigger for all Odd Ones,.. IN or out.
Combine that with ghosts of your pasts and your in for the ride of a lifetime.

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  1. To be accepted. Yes.
    I learned that sometimes it’s better to let that go. Accept yourself. Look around you and see that there are people who accept you. But not necessarily the people you want. Don’t do it to yourself. Don’t let yourself suffer that hard. Some people will never accept you for who you are. It’s not their fault, they just can’t, that’s how they’re. Let it go. I’m telling this because I want to be accepted for 42 years now, and it will never happen. I know that already, but it’s letting go which is the hardest part of all. Maybe you can let go when you’re gone travelling… succes.

    Big hug.

    1. Oh, sweet Wendy.
      We have actually no problem with accepting ourselves and letting go what everyone else think of us.
      It’s just some moments that that is harder… or some people that used to be close to your heart, they make it a little bit harder too.
      But once you are aware of what is going on inside yourself, it’s much easier to let go šŸ˜‰

      I think it is amazing to see you being able to letting go too, now! I know you have been struggling with that in the past and it warms my heart to see you grow and accept yourself more now. It’s such a blessing to know you.

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