Our new life started the moment we sold our house and moved temporarily into a cabin in the forest, owned by Mr. Smits’ parents. Waiting out the summer, finding piece and quiet to regenerate after moving out of the house.
Beforehand we jokingly said that July would be symbol for the past, August for the present and September for the future. Being at the end of September, we can tell you that our joke was not a joke at all. It was how it actually went. July was our healing month. Healing before moving, the move itself and afterwards healing that move and what had happened in the past months.
In August, healing was coming to an end (although it will never stop) and we went to being here and now. Enjoying the forest, nature, all the green around us. Starting a business, because we do need an income while traveling and looking for what exactly made us happy and feel fulfilled. Going for walks, enjoying ourselves, having fun. Being with friend and family. Loving each other.
And then September came. And being here and now made place for feeling restless. It was time to look further, to find our path to follow. Our business is growing, websites are created, content is in the making. We started thinking about our first travel destination and actually found something that asked for our attention. (We didn’t know yet when the video was filmed.) Even though preparing for this first travel experience is harder than we thought beforehand.

We are blessed that we are still in the forest. This place is peaceful and quiet and makes us feel at home. We have a place to sleep, food to eat… life is still easy here, yet more relaxing and free.
Nature is all around and you can breath fresh air, which is a big luxury ano 2017!
We love being here, having a stable way to start this new life. We had the freedom to create our websites (with the help of an amazing webdesigner that we found on Upwork.com: Tomasz G.), YouTube channel (my brother, Alec, helped us out with our video-intro) and social media-things while still having our personal life quiet for now. In a few weeks, we will be someplace completely different from here, which is both exciting and scary.

We decided that the things that makes us the most happy are our stories. We have been creating stories for as long as we are parents. Telling bedtime stories to the kids that were made up at that same moment and later on, when we started homeschooling, using those stories and characters to teach them everything. It’s unbelievable that you can teach your kids that much using fantasy characters that they got to know very well over the years.
Those characters already came to life inside our little family, but we want them to fill other peoples lives now too.
Another thing that came naturally to us is sharing our way of living. Thinking outside the box to find the way we want to live our lives is normal for us. We never liked doing things because we were forced to do them because of social norms. We learned from a young age how to think for ourselves and do the things that makes us happy. We noticed that not everyone finds it that easy to just go live your life without caring what norms are forced upon you. We really hope that we can help people with this, showing them that it’s okay to be who you are, even though society tells you differently.

Getting our faces on camera was a big challenge that we are still trying to get used to. Even after filming 5 videos and a live feed. šŸ˜‰ But we will get there…
It’s a nice way of recording our adventures of which we really want to keep a diary so we can dream back when we are grey and old.

September is flying by very quickly. I can’t wait to see what October will bring us!

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