Winterfear, Geocaching and Mad Cow Frogs

Winterfear, Geocaching and Mad Cow Frogs

(Video and article are related, but never completely the same!)

It feels like we are stuck…
We so want to go travel, but things keep holding us back. And we have no clue what.

One thing is for sure… when we see all those sweet people traveling full-time and follow their youtube channels and social media, we are very very jealous! They make it seem so easy. Like they just woke up one day and made it happen. We could only dream of the strength that takes.

For us, this is more than ever a mental healing process.
You know that feeling when your body is fighting an illness? It’s like at the end, the illness gives its all for the last time before being defeated, making it struggle through your body, hoping to keep its ground. That’s what it feels like right now. The darkness that once consumed us, is losing its ground and gives a final kick, hoping to survive.
It’s a mean kick, though… we both struggle to keep our heads above water. Fear is flushing through our systems and when peers openly doubt our lives (even though they have been doing that for years instead of respecting us), we can’t take it anymore. It’s obvious that something is kicking and screaming to stay alive and tries to overthrow us.

That is what happens when you lived through depression after depression for years. Negativity wants to stay alive, even when you call a stop to it and want to change your lives into positivity. Especially then! Negativity certainly doesn’t want to be defeated by positivity!

But here we are, going through it for the final time. Or that is what it feels like.
Hopefully after that, the mental process is completed and we finally can get further.

This has been a big fight, from the very start until the end. But we fought it. And hopefully, we get through it on the other side, able to follow the path we so want to follow.

This is reality. Things like this don’t work overnight. But while others might want to show off the good things of their traveling ways, we like to be real and show everything. That’s the only way to find recognition with other people and connect with them.

So, here we are. Fighting the final fight against the big boss. And we are nailing it…

In the video, we show off our amazing surroundings. If there is an ideal place to be stranded for a while, it’s here. We couldn’t hope for a better place to be, surrounded by that what we have been calling home for years now.

And while writing this down, I can see our girls creating a treasure hunt for their little brother. Surrounded by trees, nature and fresh air, they use all of that in their games and learning process.
Waiting it out until their parents are ready to continue is less bad than it would be somewhere else.
The forest makes everything better…

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